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Need help with your GPS? We've include some of the the most common questions below for quick reference, but click 'Find your GPS device' below for in-depth guides and manuals specific to your model.


Q: My GPS will not power on?

A: Please try the following to see if any of these steps will get your device to power on and charge fully:

- When the device is completely discharged, it sometimes will not show as charging when plugged in.  When you plug it in, press the power on button for up to 15 seconds.  The device should switch to USB mode and start charging.

- Hold down the bottom left-hand button and power button together for 15 seconds or until the unit switches off then turn it back on using power button. This will reboot the device and it will no longer be frozen.

- The device is relatively sensitive to being "properly ejected" after being plugged into a computer.  To help prevent this from occurring again, please turn the Phantom off before connecting to the computer and safely eject the device once complete.

Q: My GPS watch will not hold a charge?

A: The most common issue with the watch charging is build-up on the watch charging contacts.  You can try cleaning the contacts per the instruction below to ensure you are getting the best charge possible.   If cleaning the connections does not improve your battery life, your device has may have reached the end of its useful life.

Deep Clean Instructions: Bushnell GPS watches feature a unique charging/data connection on the back side of the unit, facing the wrist when worn. Due to the waterproof design and the close proximity to the skin, the four contact points can become soiled, and eventually the unit may develop difficulty receiving a charge or data from the “Pogo Pin” USB connector.

In the event that the unit will not charge when connected to the Pogo Pin adapter, the contacts of the watch can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a small amount of window cleaner or water/mild soap mixture.

Do not use solvents (Acetone, paint thinners, nail polish remover, etc.) as they can degrade the plastic case of the watch and damage the internal seals. 

1.    Wet cloth in cleaning solution; avoid excessive amounts of solution. Cleaning solution should not be dripping from cloth.
2.    Wipe gently across the contacts to allow the liquid to penetrate any build-up on the contacts.
3.    Wipe away any residue from the contacts with a clean, dry cloth.

The contacts of the Pogo Pin adapter may be cleaned in the same manner. The adapter is not waterproof; avoid applying excessive liquid while cleaning.

Cleaning both the contacts and the Pogo Pin adapter will resolve most connectivity issues.  I hope the cleaning helps restore your GPS Watch.

Once your contacts are cleaned, connect the unit to your power source.  To ensure the unit is receiving charge, hold down the bottom right hand button for up to 15 seconds. This is the power (ON/OFF) button that can be used for switching the unit on and off.

Q: Can I change the battery on my GPS?

A: You cannot change the battery. Do not attempt to open, disassemble or service the internal battery. The battery must be replaced by a qualified technician. If you suspect the battery is not working properly, please fill out this form and a support tech will get back to you with options.

Q: My Wingman will not Auto Advance holes?

A: The 2 primary settings that can cause the Wingman to not auto advance are as follows:

• In the Bushnell Golf App, Select Your Wingman Device and Settings. Scroll down and confirm the Auto Hole Advance is On under the Play Golf Speak Settings. Also, please also confirm that all of the other speak settings are set to your preferences.
• Check your Phone App Settings for the Bushnell Golf App. The settings for permissions need to include Location services. The typical choices for Apple are "While Using the App" or "Always (iOS). For Android, it would be under settings, Bushnell App, App Permissions, Location = On.

Once you check both of these settings, also make sure your Wingman shows "Connected 2 of 2" when it is selected in the Golf App. If it does not, re-pair your Wingman remote using the Pair Device button inside the App.

Q: Can I use the Wingman with multiple phones at different times?

A: For music play only, the Wingman can remember up to 8 different bluetooth devices (at different times) without using the Bushnell Golf App. The easiest way to pair the Wingman with your bluetooth device to play music only is to have all nearby phones' Bluetooth turned off and not physically near the Wingman when connecting.

For audible GPS voice functions from your Wingman, the Legacy Golf App limits the Wingman to one registered user. Our new version of the Bushnell Golf Mobile App does not have this limitation and does allow a single Wingman to switched between different phones with the app installed. Android and Apple iOS compatible versions of the new app can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Q: Can I use my Wingman connect to two phones at the same time?

A: For music, the Wingman’s "True Wireless Sound" (TWS) technology enables you to use two Wingman speakers paired via Bluetooth to create a wireless dualchannel system, delivering true stereo sound. Note: a single Wingman provides mono audio, internally mixing together left and right channels of the streamed audio source.

To activate TWS operation and listen to stereo music with two Wingman units:

1. Place the two speakers near each other (the distance should not be over 10 meters/33 feet).
2. Power on both speakers. Double click the Power button on one speaker to assign it as the Main (L) speaker (it will play the left channel). The LED Indicator Ring flashes orange, then the two speakers will pair to each other automatically (the other speaker will be the Satellite (R) speaker and play the right channel)
3. Once paired, the Main (L) speaker LED Indicator Ring slowly flashes orange Note: In TWS connection, only the Main (L) speaker supports Speakerphone.
4. To disconnect the TWS connection, press both Plus and Minus buttons on one of the speakers simultaneously until the LED Indicator ring rapidly blinks orange to indicate the TWS connection has been disconnected.

For audible GPS voice functions from your Wingman, the Legacy Golf App limits the Wingman to one registered user. Our new version of the Bushnell Golf Mobile App does not have this limitation and does allow a single Wingman to switched between different phones with the app installed (not at the same time). Android and Apple iOS compatible versions of the new app can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple App stores.


Have a laser rangefinder question? We've include some of the the most common rangefinder questions we get asked below for quick reference, but click 'Find your laser rangefinder' below for in-depth guides and manuals specific to your model.


Q: I see debris in the lens?

A: The issue you described sounds like your device may have some solar burns. Over time, the device can develop small dots due to sun exposure. The dots are cosmetic and should not affect the actual performance of the device.

Note: This is covered by warranty. If this happens within two years of ownership and they want it looked at please direct them to the contact us form. Advise they enter their address in the comments field.

Q: My laser rangefinder seems to be off by 10 yards?

A: The LRF can be used to measure distance in yards or meters. The unit measure indicators are located in the lower right portion of the LCD. To select between yards and meters on your...

Pro XE: To select between yards and meters, press and hold the Mode button which is next to the Power button. Press the Power/Fire button to confirm your units preference and exit the Settings menu. The Pro Xe will return to the last unit of measure setting used each time the unit is turned on.

Tour V5 or V5 Shift: Press the button on the side marked Y/M. Press the top portion Y for yards or the bottom portion M for meters. The Tour V5 will return to the last unit of measure setting used each time the unit is turned on.

Hybrid: Starting with the unit powered off, press and hold the Power/Fire button. After 7 seconds, the display will begin to cycle through the options: Yards or meters. When the units you want are displayed, release the Power/Fire button to select it. Y for Yards or M for Meters. The Hybrid will return to the last unit of measure setting used each time the unit is turned on.

Q: The display is out of focus?

A: Power the unit on by pressing the Power/Fire button once. Rotate the eyepiece in either direction until the display icons and numbers are in focus.

Q: When do I replace the battery?

A: Replace the battery when the unit does not turn on, display does not illuminate, or the display goes blank when attempting to power the laser. Use a good quality 3 -volt lithium battery (CR2). Insert into the compartment with the negative (flat) end first (positive end facing out towards the battery cover). We recommend replacing the battery at least once every six months.

Note: You can replace the CR2 battery that powers the laser part of the Hybrid but you cannot replace the Lithium Ion that powers the GPS part of the Hybrid, as it is built into the device.

Q: Is it safe to clean my laser rangefinder?

A: Yes, follow these steps for proper cleaning:

1. Blow away any excessive dust or debris on exterior (or use a soft brush).

2. To remove dirt or fingerprints, clean with the supplied microfiber cloth rubbing in a circular motion. Use of a coarse cloth or unnecessary rubbing may scratch the lens surface and eventually cause permanent damage. The included washable microfiber cleaning cloth is ideal for the routine cleaning of your optics. Simply breathe lightly on the lens to provide a slight amount of moisture, then gently rub the lens with the microfiber cloth.

3. For a more thorough cleaning, photographic lens tissue and photographic-type lens cleaning fluid or isopropyl alcohol may be used. Always apply fluid to the cleaning cloth - never directly on the lens.


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Q: What does the limited warranty cover?

A: All Bushnell Golf devices come with a free limited warranty (2 years for GPS units and 1 year for laser rangefinders) that guarantees our products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. If our products are used in they they’re intended and you’re having device issues within your warranty period, it’s our responsibility to repair or replace it.

Q: How do I register my new Bushnell Golf device?

A: Register your Bushnell Golf device online via on our Product Registration page or by downloading the Bushnell Golf Mobile app and adding your GPS or laser rangefinder within "See All" > "My Devices" within the home screen of the app.

Android and Apple iOS compatible versions of the new app can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Q: Where do I download the Bushnell Golf mobile app?

A: Android and Apple iOS compatible versions of our new Bushnell Golf Mobile app can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple App stores. This app is compatible with our latest Laser Rangefinders (except Hybrid) as well as the Phantom 2 and Wingman GPS devices.

For all legacy GPS units, including the iON2, Phantom, Hybrid, etc., please use the Legacy version of our app which can be found here for Android and Apple iOS.

NOTE: The Wingman works with either the new or legacy apps, but users will benefit from new features if they choose to upgrade to the new mobile app including audible GPS volume control.

General Support Questions


Q: How do you delete a round of golf from the scorecards?

A: You swipe to the left in the "completed rounds" tab to delete a round. Thanks.

Q: Is this water resistant?

A: It is water resistant, not waterproof, meaning it can take on a limited amount of water and not be submerged.

Q: Is the jolt supposed to work every time?

A: Please note, JOLT is not set up to vibrate every time you acquire a target. Unlike most competitors, who will send a vibration every time the laser hits “something,” we invented PinSeeker with JOLT technology to alert you that multiple targets have been acquired (i.e., the flag and trees in the background), and we are giving you the distance to the nearest target (i.e, the flag). With the Tour V5, it doesn’t see discrepancies as often as inferior lasers will (this includes our own previous models). In other words, it is absolutely confident it is on the flag and without that discrepancy of the background clutter, it doesn’t JOLT. Now you might be asking why not just make it JOLT every time… and the answer is we are intent on confirming for you that you have hit what you intend to hit. The trick to getting your Tour V5 to JOLT every time is to find a larger target off the flag… a tree, a bunker, a pond, a hill; fire the unit and continue to hold down on the fire button. As you hold down, move until the aiming circle until it is on the flag. Your unit will now JOLT, and you will know you are on the flag. You can also use this method to build your trust in the unit. After you have done the described - shoot another object and pan over – just shoot the flag. You will get the same distance without a JOLT… again because your Tour V5 knows without a doubt it is hitting the flag. We understand the concern and we hope this explanation helps.

The truth is Bushnell was the original laser rangefinder for Golf, and we have spent decades perfecting this technology.

There is nothing out there in the marketplace that compares to our technology and innovation when it comes to ranging power, accuracy and consistency.

Q: When it’s foggy or raining, my range finder reads 8 yards, regardless of the distance. It is focusing on the fog or rain. Is there something I can do to remedy this? 8 live in Portland Oregon, so I play in these conditions often.

A: It is difficult for any laser rangefinder through be able to shoot through fog, especially dense fog. Unfortunately the beam gets diverted picks up the water droplets in the air instead of your intended target. Thanks.

Q: How do you get the jolt to work please?

A: Try holding down the fire button to the left or right of the flag, then pan over to the flag, this technique should get it to JOLT. Sometimes if the flags have reflectors, the signal strength is so strong, the Tour V5 does not recognize the background clutter. Thanks.

Q: Why is the app not advancing to next hole?

A: Please check to make sure you have allowed the app access to your location and make sure you have auto hole advance selected within the app settings. Thanks.

Q: Can you turn off the backlight?

A: At this time, no, however, we will have a firmware update that will allow for the backlight to be turned off. This feature is part of a larger firmware update we will be rolling out in September at the latest. Thanks.

Q: I just got the Phantom not the Phantom 2 as a Xmas gift. Is the Phantom 2 new since Xmas 2020? I am just starting to use it due to an injury. I cannot find where on Phantom I can locate the distances to hazards. Help? Which buttons do I push? Also where are the downloads for Phantom to be found. I only see downloads for Phantom 2.

A: You press the SELECT button while in Play Golf mode to get hazard distances. Here is the link to the product manual:

Q: Is the Phantom 2 GPS, unlike the first one which I own, usable while charging? I can't think of a handheld electronic device I use today that is not usable while charging. It was a huge setback with the first one for me. With most carts having USB ports on the cart, it would be so easy to never have to worry about whether or not I remembered to charge it, or forgot it at home on the charger, etc.

A: Yes, the Phantom 2 is fully operable while it is charging. Thanks.

Q: V5 How do I know it’s calibrated correctly?

A: We recommend checking it against another one of our lasers to see if you are getting the same yardages. Thanks.

Q: How do you turn the Tour V5 off?

A: It automatically times out/shuts off after 7 seconds of non-use. Thanks.

Q: Unable to change meters to yards on the Tour V5

A: Is the Yards/Meters button on the side of our device not functioning? You should just press the button to toggle between yards and meters. If the button is not working, please contact our Customer Support at 1-800-423-3537 or via the contact form here: regarding this issue. Thanks.

Q: Will it give you the range of a tree or ground at a distance

A: Yes, you can get distances to any objects on the course within your line of sight. Thanks.

Q: How water resistant is the tour v5

A: It is IPX4 which means it can take on a limited amount of water and not be submerged. Thanks.

Q: Is there a cover available for the Tour V5 rangefinder

A: We do not offer them directly since we have the integrated BITE and offer a premium case, you can find the skins from various 3rd parties online. Thanks.

Q: Is it possible to turn off the red visual jolt so it only vibrates? I have very sensitive eyes and find it painfully bright.

A: Unfortunately there is not a way to disable the Visual JOLT feature in the Tour V5. Thanks.

Q: I used my V5 for the first time yesterday and love the clarity of the optics compared to my old V3. However, a few times I had trouble picking up the flag. Once I was near the 100 yd marker and it told me 178 yds, repeatedly with no red ring. Was I confused by background tree clutter and unable to find the flag? On another hole a similar event occurred when it was unable to find the flag at about 150 yds, so I finally got yardage to the front of the green and added some yards. It was cold, calm and overcast, I didn't think to note flag colors etc. When I play later this week it should be sunnier and a bit warmer. What should I look for to see if the unit is defective in some way?

A: You can try aiming to the left or right of the flag, then pan over to the flag to make sure you are getting the distance to the distance to the flag and not the background clutter. If you feel like you have an issue, please call our Technical Support at 1-800-423-3537. Thanks.

Q: Does the laser or vibration only come on when directed at the pin? What about a sand trap , short of green or water? Thx.

A: PinSeeker with JOLT works when the laser detects multiple objects, and in turn provides you the distance to the object closest to you (i.e., the flag and not the clutter in the background). Generally speaking, you will not get a JOLT when you shoot a bunker or tree. Thanks.

Q: Can the tour V5 find a flag that does not have a reflector?

A: Yes, all of our laser rangefinders work and hit flags with or without cooperative targets. Thanks.

Q: Different from V4?

A: The Tour V5 has improved optics, PinSeeker with Visual JOLT and the BITE magnetic cart mount. Thanks.

Q: Does the V5 have the VIVID (red) technology?

A: No, it has a black display. Thanks.

Q: Why does the Tour V5 have 2 Lenses, and V4 have 3 Lenses? Are there any differences in how they work or perform? Is one better than the other in certain types of conditions?

A: Every laser rangefinder has a receive, transmit and optical path, in a 3 lens system each have their own lens, and in a 2 lens system you have the optical path combined with either the receive or transmit.

Q: V5 SHIFT : What is the best way to clear the Bushnell rangefinder with slope for each shot Purchased and on my first outing even with the lock in some of the readings felt off

A: The #s will reset each time you push the fire button.

Q: Can I track my lost range finder?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a tracking mechanism in our laser rangefinders. Thanks.

Q: Does the magnet technology allow you to keep the rangefinder attached to the cart while driving, or is it just to be used when the cart is stopped. ie. - will the rangefinder fall off the cart (and get lost) if attached while moving.

A: The magnet strength is definitely strong enough to have the laser mounted on the cart bar at all times without it falling off. Thanks.

Q: Does the v5shift and v5 have a stabilizing feature?

A: The Tour V5 and Tour V5 Shift have PinSeeker with Visual JOLT (i.e., near target mode to lock onto the flag and not the background clutter). Even if you have shaky hands, it is fairly easy to lock onto the flag with this feature. Thanks.

Q: Why does uphill slope display still give - % reading and reduced yards?

A: This should not be the case if it is truly and uphill shot. Please call contact our Technical Support at 1-800-423-3537 regarding this issue. Thanks.

Q: I lost the yard and meter switch or cover piece. Can it be replaced?

A: Yes, please contact our Customer Support at 1-800-423-3537. Thanks.

Q: Hi, I am considering purchasing the V5 for golf. I also deer bowhunt, and I would like to know if the rangefinder will work " in the field", and woods to determine distance to a deer, even if only 15 -25 yards in the woods with trees, brush and tree limbs.

A: It will work for both, however, golf laser rangefinders are made to optimize "near target mode" to be able to effectively hit the flag and not the background behind it, while hunt laser rangefinders are made to optimize "far target mod" to be able to hit your target and not the trees, brush or limbs in front of you. Thanks.

Q: My Tour V5 Shift has stopped showing the slope. I have shown this to my Golf Pro and he says he's never seen it before. I purchased this last September.

A: Do you have the "B" Slope switch on the side of the unit moved to the left? When it is to the left Slope is on, when it is moved to the right, Slope is disabled.

Q: What color are yardage/slope in viewfinder? Black? Red?

A: The readout in the Tour V5 Shift is black. Thanks.

Q: How do you get the visual jolt to work?

A: Try aiming to the left or right of the flag, then bring the aiming circle back to the flag. Sometimes the signal strength to the flag is so strong (if there is a reflector on the flag/flagstick), the Tour V5 Shift will not detect any background clutter.

Q: What is the maximum Percent slope that will be calculated to compensate for yardage?

A: 35%

Q: How much difference in this and the hybrid laser?

A: The laser rangefinder portion of both units have the same performance, with the Hybrid you get the addition of front and back GPS distances, with the Tour V5 Shift you get Slope compensated distances, PinSeeker with Visual JOLT, the integrated BITE magnetic cart mount, improved optics and magnification. Thanks.

Q: How long does a battery last? Is there and on off switch?

A: The battery should last for 2,500 target acquisitions. It automatically times out and shuts off after 7 seconds of non-use. Thanks.

Q: How strong is the magnet? There are some courses that are very rough on cart paths what if I hit a pot hole? Is it going to stick for sure? Would hate to have it fall off and get damaged. That is my only concern.

A: The magnet is strong (it has 14# of pull strength), and it should not go anywhere when properly oriented on the cart bar. Thanks.

Q: Good morning, what is the the s"slope" feature? this is my first time to research on range finders. thank you

A: Slope provides you with compensated play as distances based on the incline or decline of a hole. Thanks.

Q: What is the difference between the v4 shift and the v5shift?

A: The Tour V5 Shift has upgraded optics, 6x (vs. 5x) magnification, PinSeeker with Visual JOLT, improved Slope algorithm and BITE magnetic cart mount. Thanks.

Q: My new Rangefinder is stuck on 1888 YM. It is only a month old.

A: Have you tried taking the battery out and putting it back in? Please call our Customer Support at 1-800-423-3537 regarding this issue. Thanks.

Q: Does the V5 have any stabilization features?

A: Our PinSeeker with JOLT Technology allows for your hand to shaky and still be able to effectively hit the flag. Thanks.

The Hybrid uses two batteries. You may replace the battery for the laser rangefinding functions of the Hybrid when the unit does not turn on, display does not illuminate, or the display goes blank when attempting to power the laser. Use a good quality 3 -volt lithium battery (CR2). Insert into the compartment with the negative (flat) end first (positive end facing out towards the battery cover).

We recommend replacing the battery at least once every six months. The GPS function of the Hybrid uses an internal rechargeable lithium battery that may not be changed. Do not attempt to open the device. If you suspect a problem with the GPS battery, please contact Bushnell Golf support. Opening the device will void the warranty.

Make sure your Hybrid is fully charged and that you go outside when you power it on. The device needs to be connected with 3 GPS satellites for the GPS to connect and function correctly. See page 5 of the manual on connecting to the GPS satellites. The first time you connect can take several minutes, but it will get better each time you connect from the same general area.


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